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GIS 27/10/17 – Timing Death and the ‘Birth’ of the Greek Alphabet

On Friday 27th October, the GIS hosted two papers that nicely complemented each other in their mutual emphasis on the shortcomings of clear ‘beginnings’ and ‘ends’. With a paper titled ‘Timing Death: Questioning the chronology of Romano-British tombstone reliefs’, Hanneke Reijnierse-Salisbure kicked off with an overview of some tombstone reliefs, which have usually been examined … Continue reading

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GIS 13/10/17 – Graduates at the Museum of Classical Archaeology and Syriac retellings of the Fall of Troy

The first GIS of this term started out on Friday 13th October, with two truly interdisciplinary papers. First, Alina Kozlovski, a fourth-year PhD student, briefly presented two current graduates schemes at the Museum of Classical Archaeology at the Faculty of Classics, the ‘Grad Tour’ and the ‘Grads Curate’. The ‘Grad Tour’, which has been met … Continue reading

Reading (and writing) between the lines of history
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Reading (and writing) between the lines of history

The rest, they say, is history. And then some. For the next three months, I’m swapping the fens of Cambridge for the industrial heart of the Ruhr valley in western Germany, and my new pied-à-terre is the Institute of Archaeology at the Ruhr Universität in Bochum. While I’m here, I’m looking through the paper archives … Continue reading

Review: Archaeological Museum of Thebes
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Review: Archaeological Museum of Thebes

Reporting live from the trowel’s edge… For the next six weeks, Ricarda and I are sweating it out in the middle of the Greek countryside, all in the service of academic discovery and for the advancement of human knowledge. We’re part of a team excavating a Mycenaean chamber tomb in Boeotia, a synergasia (collaboration) project … Continue reading