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The Cambridge-Munich Exchange

Just before Christmas a group of Classicists spent a week in Munich as the first part of the annual Faculty exchange with the Institute of Classical Archaeology in Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. As the exchange’s official Res Gerendae reporter, I’m writing a bit about what the week was like, in the hopes of convincing everyone who hasn’t yet been on … Continue reading

Archaeology / Discussion

Women and the History of Classical Archaeology #1: Caroline Bonaparte

Recently I’ve been reading about the history of classical archaeology. We’re all pretty familiar (or at least we become very quickly familiar) with the names of the most famous archaeologists – Schliemann, Fiorelli, Evans, Boni, Lanciani, and going back further art historians and antiquarians like Winckelmann, Piranesi, Hamilton. But these are all men, and we … Continue reading