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GIS 10/11 – Sardinian ‘misspellings’ and Religious (mis)handling in the 4th c. CE

On Friday 10th November, the GIS hosted two talks that continued the strong interdisciplinary focus of the seminar in this term. First, Lucia Tamponi, a visiting student from Pisa, presented her research on an epigraphic corpus of inscriptions from the island of Sardinia, in a paper entitled ‘Sociolinguistic research on Latin inscriptions from Sardinia: building … Continue reading

Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar

GIS 03/11 – “Horses for Courses” and two acrostics in Horace

Thomas Nelson opened last week’s GIS with his talk “Horses for Courses: The Metapoetics of Horse- and Chariot-Riding in Roman Poetry”. Thomas presented how widely extended and prolific is the use of images of horses and horse riding as a metapoetic metaphor with numerous examples taken from Roman poetry. These were very varied and showed … Continue reading

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GIS 27/10/17 – Timing Death and the ‘Birth’ of the Greek Alphabet

On Friday 27th October, the GIS hosted two papers that nicely complemented each other in their mutual emphasis on the shortcomings of clear ‘beginnings’ and ‘ends’. With a paper titled ‘Timing Death: Questioning the chronology of Romano-British tombstone reliefs’, Hanneke Reijnierse-Salisbure kicked off with an overview of some tombstone reliefs, which have usually been examined … Continue reading

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GIS 20/10 – Aristotle’s philosophical questions and social class in Daphnis & Chloe

Alessio Santoro opened last week’s GIS with a talk about Aristotle’s 11th aporia, that questions whether Unity and Being are substances of things or if they have a different nature. Alessio took us through the structure in which Aristotle presents the aporiai in Metaphysics B, to clarify the display of this particular aporia that is … Continue reading

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GIS 13/10/17 – Graduates at the Museum of Classical Archaeology and Syriac retellings of the Fall of Troy

The first GIS of this term started out on Friday 13th October, with two truly interdisciplinary papers. First, Alina Kozlovski, a fourth-year PhD student, briefly presented two current graduates schemes at the Museum of Classical Archaeology at the Faculty of Classics, the ‘Grad Tour’ and the ‘Grads Curate’. The ‘Grad Tour’, which has been met … Continue reading

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GIS 9/6/17: Lucan’s Pompey and Athenian Tribute Lists

This past Friday Ludovico Pontiggia and Leah Lazar gave the final GIS presentations of the term.  Ludovico began the session with a presentation about the death and burial of Pompey in Lucan’s Bellum Civile.  Drawing on Horace Odes 3.30 as a model for a metapoetic interpretation of the closure of Bellum Civile 8, Ludovico argued … Continue reading

GIS report – 02/06/17
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GIS report – 02/06/17

This week, GIS had a strong focus on literature, though the two presentations looked at very different themes within this field: while Valeria Pace analysed the aetiology in Moschus’ Hellenistic poem Europa, Gabriele Rota put forward some thoughts on manuscript tradition and textual history. In her presentation on “Aetiology in Moschus’ Europa” Valeria Pace talked … Continue reading

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GIS: Case Endings in Mycenaean Greek and Transfer of Information in Heliodorus’s Aethiopica

This week at GIS we had two papers discussing a similar question from different angles: how to make sense of transmitted information, and in particular, how to decode language.   Our first speaker was Katie Shields, who presented on Mycenaean Greek and Hittite, two Indo-European languages attested in the late 2nd millennium BCE.  Katie’s paper … Continue reading