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The Secret Anthropologist, Part II

Editor’s note: This report was recently found pinned to the notice-board in the Graduate Common Room. It appears to be written by the same person as the previous anthropological report, but their identity remains a mystery. It is evident, however, that their fieldwork project in the Faculty is still ongoing. Following my initial study of … Continue reading

Historical Baking – Gingerbread Viking Hall
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Historical Baking – Gingerbread Viking Hall

It being the Christmas period, I’ve been baking again. I always like to make gingerbread houses but in the past have only ever made shop-bought ones. This year I decided to make my own from scratch. Which was the perfect opportunity to make it ancient-world themed. I considered various Classics-themed permutations – Minoan tripartite shrine, … Continue reading

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‘The Earith Jupiter’ arrives in Cambridge

Originally posted on University of Cambridge Museums:
Image credit Dave Webb, Cambridge Archaeological Unit A Roman sculpture of the God Jupiter, dating from between the 2nd and 4th Century AD, has been donated to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology by Hanson Aggregates. It was found by Cambridge Archaeological Unit whilst excavating Hanson’s Earith Quarry…