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Archaeology Baking I – Minoan Glyptic

Not that I’m competitive or anything, but not all the Classical baking round these parts comes from E Caucus and Cakemeister Judson. After the Sign of Tanit Plum Pie which featured in the Graduate Tea Ritual last term, I decided to stick with the medium of pastry for my next endeavour. Here’s what happened when I … Continue reading

Discussion / Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar

GIS 22/2/2013 – No Puns in Persian Punishment

Classics is all very well. I mean, who doesn’t like a nice bit of Greek stuff? Who won’t grudgingly admit that the Romans might have done something vaguely worthwhile? But the simple fact is that the earlier and the further east you go, the more interesting everything gets. Greeks are better than Romans; Mycenaeans are … Continue reading

Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar

GIS 8/2/2013 – Pick-up or Protreptic: on Socrates’ First Speech in the ‘Lysis’.

Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambridge! This island of learning amid the bleak fenlands of ignorance. This citadel of the mind, where the brightest and the best can devote themselves to the study of the most arcane and rarefied of topics. Unchanging and untouched by the modern world. That’s the stereotype, anyway. But sometimes even academics don their … Continue reading