Here are some useful websites we’ve discovered on our journeys around the Internet.

The Perseus Digital Library. Searchable Greek and Latin texts and English translations. Also a searchable database of art historical and archaeological images.

Lacus Curtius. Roman Gazetteer with images of Roman towns and monuments, and Greek and Latin texts.

The Arthur Evans Archive. Online version of the Ashmolean Museum’s collection of Sir Arthur Evans’ records and papers about his excavation of Knossos and other archaeological affairs on Crete.

ORBIS. Stanford University’s version of Google Maps for the Roman Empire. See our post for more.

The Beazley Archive Pottery Database: searchable collection of images of Greek painted pottery from the Beazley Archive at the University of Oxford.

Websites for the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge; the British Museum, London; and the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Rome Reborn: A Digital Model of Ancient Rome. An international collaboration to create a digital model of the city, with 3D reconstructions.

Olympus News: ancient history in the style of a modern news channel, created by one of our writers and ancient historian Stephen Harrison.

Classics Blogs


Mary Beard’s A Don’s Life

James Warren’s kenodoxia

Matthew Scarborough at Memiyawanzi

Oxford Ancient Historians at  May My Cheeses Bring Me Money

For Classics-related online journalism: Eidolon

Photoblog from The Other Acropolis Collective


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