Amphitrite’s Brood: Sea-Monsters in the Classical World
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Amphitrite’s Brood: Sea-Monsters in the Classical World

[δείδω μή] …τί μοι καὶ κῆτος ἐπισσεύῃ μέγα δαίμων ἐξ ἁλός, οἷά τε πολλὰ τρέφει κλυτὸς Ἀμφιτρίτη: [I’m afraid] that some god’s going to send a great sea-monster against me; glorious Amphitrite breeds them in numbers. Odyssey 5.418-21 Culturally as well as geographically, the sea was central to the Classical world. These days we’re encouraged … Continue reading

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New discoveries at Binchester Roman Fort

You may already have seen the headlines about recent archaeological discoveries at Binchester Roman Fort, somewhat over-dramatically being referred to as the “Pompeii of the North” — e.g. this BBC news story. There’s a lot more information about the site and the dig on its website and its blog – for instance, the ring mentioned in the BBC … Continue reading