Via Memoriae Classicae IV – Time Team
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Via Memoriae Classicae IV – Time Team

For twenty years Time Team was a British institution. Despite being a low-budget, often rather dull programme tucked away in the less glamorous parts of Channel 4’s Sunday evening schedules, for a generation it shaped the way the general public saw archaeology. I long ago lost track of how often I’d been talking to someone … Continue reading

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BSA Postgraduate Epigraphy Course 2013

When you think of the acropolis, one immediately thinks of the Parthenon in majestic ruin, or perhaps the famous Caryatids on the porch of the Erechtheion.  Perhaps, while you’re busy—perhaps a little too busy—admiring the architectural scenery as you progress up the sacred way, you might not notice some very very important bits of archaeology.  Yes, … Continue reading