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GIS 12/5/17: The Evolution of Medusa and Underground Storage in Late Iron Age Iberia

  This week at GIS we had two fascinating presentations on two very different aspects of change and evolution in the Classical world.  First to present was Di Yan, with a paper entitled, ‘Let the Masks Speak: Multiple Images of Medusa and the Gendered Expression.’  In her paper, Di discussed the iconographical evolution of Medusa, … Continue reading

Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar

GIS report – 10/03/17

GIS concluded this term with two fascinating presentations by Antonia Schrader and Chiara Monaco, respectively focusing on Greek tragedy and linguistic debates in imperial Greek literature. First to speak was Antonia Schrader, who presented a paper entitled “Patterns of undress in fifth-century Athenian tragedy”. In her paper, Antonia looked at moments of undress in fifth-century … Continue reading