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The Faculty of Classics: An Anthropologist’s Report

Editor’s note: A copy of this report was found this morning pushed under the door of the Mycenaean Epigraphy Room; it is reproduced here in its entirety, including the original illustrations. It is unsigned, and the author is unknown; presumably he or she wishes to remain anonymous in order not to jeopardise future fieldwork. Many … Continue reading

GIS November 16th
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GIS November 16th

Legend has it that in times of yore the intrepid knights of King Arthur would gather around a round table for decadent feasting and discussion. In these more austere times, the feasting has been dispensed with, despite rash promises of wine-fuelled seminars, and only the element of discussion survives. Friday night saw the final GIS … Continue reading

Discussion / Events / Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar

GIS – 9/11/2012

Last week’s GIS started out with a paper from Katherine McDonald, on ‘The Silent Dead; or, Where Are All the South Oscan Funerary Monuments?’  Katherine introduced us to some fascinating South Oscan epigraphy from Southern Italy, before running through the (very scanty) evidence for the use of inscriptions in funerary contexts in the area.  The … Continue reading