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Catching Up with the Classics

Been working hard all week? Fear not, your square-eyed reporter is here to fill you in on this week’s Classics related TV and Radio highlights.

(Click on the headings or images to go straight to the relevant website)

If I’ve missed anything – comment below.

1. Ancient World Shorts

A series of short videos on different classical themes made and presented by members of our very own Classics Faculty. Watch the latest Ancient World Short on youtube.



2. In Our Time: Constantine the Great, BBC Radio 4

The most recent classics themed instalment of Melvyn Bragg’s unmissable In Our Time series. Listen to it on BBC iPlayer:



3. Living with the Gods: Neil MacGregor, BBC Radio 4

A follow up to the successful History of the World in 100 Objects series, listen as Neil MacGregor, former director of the British Museum, tells us about humans and their relationship with belief. The first of thirty episodes is about a lion-headed figurine from the Ice Age. The second episode takes us back into our Classical timelines and looks at Fire and the Vestal Virgins. At 15 minutes an episode, it is a great study break.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.22.59


4. How to Survive the Roman Empire, by Pliny and me, BBC Radio 4.

Comedy series based on the life of Venta, a slave of Pliny the Younger. Listen as he helps Pliny deal with the tyrannical demands of the emperor Domitian and assists Pliny’s mother with passionate ‘letters’. Each episode is around 10-15 minutes.



5. 8 Days that Made Rome with Bettany Hughes, Fri 27 Oct 9pm Channel 5.

Awesome looking new drama-mentary showcasing 8 key moments in Roman history. Watch the trailer here:


6. Bromans, ITV Player

Looking for something a little less academic? You can still catch episodes 3-6 of Bromans, the ancient world’s answer to Love Island. Watch as the contestants ask important questions like “How did the Romans boil their eggs?”. This is Classical Reception at its best (read worst).






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