Mycenaean baking

I was recently inspired by this blog to do some Mycenology-themed baking – in other words, to make a Linear B tablet cake. The result:


This is a replica of a tablet from Knossos, KN Fp 1. I chose this particular tablet for two reasons. Firstly, it’s an extremely interesting document, listing ritual offerings of olive oil to various recipients – including Diktaian Zeus (line 2, di-ka-ta-jo di-we – Diktaiōi Diwei), the shrine of Daidalos (line 3, da-da-re-jo-de – Daidaleionde, ‘to the Daidaleion’), the Erinys (line 8, e-ri-nu), and the Priestess of the Winds (line 10, a-ne-mo , i-je-re-ja – anemōn hiereiāi).

Secondly, and more importantly, it was the first tablet I could think of that’s approximately the same proportions as my traybake tin.

If anyone else feels similarly inspired to create a Classics-themed cake, please post the results!

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9 Responses to Mycenaean baking

  1. mattitiahu says:

    Absolutely incredible. (It tasted amazing too!)

  2. Um. I adore this cake. Just sayin’.

  3. sellotape88 says:

    This. Is. Amazing!

  4. Hannah Price says:

    Just brilliant

  5. Daniel Unruh says:

    When I read the title, I thought maybe they’d found a recipe… But this is awesome too. Is it all gone?

    • AnnaJ says:

      I hereby promise that if anyone ever discovers a Mycenaean cake recipe I will certainly attempt to make it! I’m afraid there’s probably none left of this one by now…

  6. Merryn says:

    Fantastic! :) Well done :)

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