The Odyssey by Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden

  Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden are storytellers who perform a wide range of different stories, from folk and fairy tales via King Arthur, Beowulf, and Robin Hood to the Iliad, Odyssey, and Metamorphoses – for the last three of which they were awarded the 2006 Classical Association Prize for ‘most significant contribution to the public understanding of Classics’. … Continue reading

Events / Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar

GIS 1/2/2013 – Is There a Cosmogony in ‘Metamorphoses’ 11?

I rocked up to the Faculty this morning all intent on writing another epic blog-post. Another 5000 words or so about Classics and War Films. Or Classics and Explosions. Maybe Classics and Really Loud Bangs. But would you believe it? As I was settling down in the Cast Gallery and opening up Word, who should … Continue reading