August 19th: Birthday/Deathday

August 19th: Birthday/Deathday

Tuesday was my birthday; as is my personal tradition, I made a cake to celebrate.   Instead of the traditional, round-with-white-frosting-and-coloured-flowers format, however, I went for a… monumental creation. See, August the 19th, 2014 was a special day, not just for me, but for classics as well. It was my 25th birthday, the day I celebrated … Continue reading


Gaius, Lucius et Kolya

A 7 year old Belarusian boy has been appearing in British newspapers this week. Nikolai Lukashenko (Kolya for short) is the son of Belarus’s President Alexander Lukashenko, who has the dubious honour of ruling over what Condoleezza Rice described as ‘the last true remaining dictatorship’ in Europe. Lukashenko has been in power for 18 years, but … Continue reading