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Gala Relaunch – Friday 30th January!

As a faithful blog-follower, you have already no doubt noticed the increased number of Res being Gerendae-d in the past month or two. This is in no small part thanks to a newly-restructured and installed ‘steering committee’ designed to ensure the imperial succession. Will libertas and Republican government be restored, or will the blogosphere descend into Civil War? Stay tuned to find out…


The New Steering Committee: An Artist’s Impression

We can’t do it alone though! We need the continued enthusiasm of Cambridge Classics grads, as writers, readers and evangelists, to keep ol’ RG as interesting, lively and collaborative as it has been for the past three years.

What’s that? Three years, you say? Well, that calls for a birthday party!

Come along to G21 on Friday 30th January at 7pm (after the Graduate Seminar) for drinks, nibbles and conversations about how *you* can contribute to the Things That Need to Be Done.


Gala Relaunch Party: An Artist’s Impression


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