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War and Strife in Ancient Philosophy: Graduate Philosophy Conference

On the 27-28th March,  the Faculty of Classics will be hosting its fifth annual graduate conference in Ancient Philosophy.

Achilles & PenthesileaThe theme of this year’s conference will be War and Strife in Ancient Philosophy. This was a central important topic for ancient philosophy (unsurprising, when you think of all the war that was going on back then), most obviously for political philosophy: even if you’re building an ideal city, you need to guard it against external and internal foes. But it’s also frequently used to illuminate more theoretical parts of philosophy: for Heraclitus, War is ‘father and king of all’; for Empedocles, Strife is one of the fundamental cosmic principles. We want to approach this topic from both of these angles: how ancient philosophy thought about war as a topic in its own right, and how it used martial metaphors to illuminate other areas of philosophy.

The conference will be held in Cambridge, on March 27th-28th 2015. For more information, plus Call for Papers, please see our website.


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