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Two Years of Res Gerendae

In celebration of RG’s anniversary, it seems appropriate to look back over the last two years in the form of some site stats:

We have, at the time of writing, had 33,696 page views since the blog’s foundation.

As might be expected, the majority of these are from the U.K., with the U.S. in second place, but we also get a significant amount of traffic from Canada, Australia, various European countries, and (more unexpectedly) Brazil. Down at the bottom of the list, we’ve had single views from the Solomon Islands, Bahrain, Kenya, and Barbados, to name just a few. (Hello to readers from any of those places!)

The most-viewed post ever is Hannah’s ‘Eight Paintings of the Classical World‘, with 1,546 views, and the post that inspired the most comments was Fran’s ‘The Past That Was Loved A Lot‘. Nice work guys!

And finally, the best part – the search term analysis. Unsurprisingly the most common search term that people find us with is ‘res gerendae’, but you might not expect the next two places to be taken by ‘brian blessed’ and ‘simon woods’ (both featured here), nor that ‘hermann grassman‘ should be almost as popular. Venturing further down the list one finds phrases such as ‘awesome canadian postcards‘, ‘hunky soldiers‘, ‘visiting the pope proper protocol‘, ‘strictly female dancers‘, and of course the old favourite, ‘do sheep have one leg shorter than the other‘. One suspects that many of these searchers were not, in fact, looking for what they ended up finding – but we hope they enjoyed it nonetheless!

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