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We’re Two!


We’re proud to report that Res Gerendae has reached the grand old age of two today! Consider this the start of a week of birthday celebration. To kick off the dual themed bonanza here is a pair of  pairs of (entirely subjectively chosen) highlights from the past two years.

It’ll be all Bright on the Night: Classics and Stand-Up Comedy (May 2013): Stephen reveals an unconventional and awesome approach to classics outreach.

Classics on TV and Visualising Reading (January 2012): Fran’s thoughts after a TV event prompted an interesting discussion.

And my favourite pair of baked goods is, no contest, the Mistress of the Animals Pie (February 2013) and the frighteningly well-iced Cypro-Minoan Birthday Cake (January 2013).

What are your favourite classical moments of the past two years?


5 thoughts on “We’re Two!

  1. Hooraaay! And that post was fun. :D Thinking back, what I remember are the great conferences we’ve had in the faculty. Patrick reminded me today (or yesterday?) of Edith Hall’s great advent one Saturday and the argument we had about the passion (or not) to be found in Hellenistic poetry. I also remember all the times in G21 and 1.11, not least in the GIS and the summary wars that followed on the blog…

  2. If we’re doing real-life highlights as well, then I have to say the ongoing sketch show/soap opera that is lunch-times in the Common Room. Someday I must get around to installing those hidden cameras and creating a Youtube sensation that no-one will believe wasn’t staged.

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