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Overheard in the Common Room: A Play

Scene: The Graduate Common Room. Lunchtime.

Two LINGUISTS are sitting in the Common Room. The FIRST LINGUIST is producing a series of incomprehensible noises.

A NON-LINGUIST enters, hears the FIRST LINGUIST, and assumes an alarmed expression.

The SECOND LINGUIST attempts to reassure the NON-LINGUIST that the FIRST LINGUIST is not, in fact, suffering from some kind of fit.

SECOND LINGUIST: Don’t worry; it’s Bactrian.

The NON-LINGUIST unaccountably fails to look reassured.


6 thoughts on “Overheard in the Common Room: A Play

    • Somehow I feel “Don’t worry, it’s Eteo-Tocharian” would have been unlikely to have been an improvement…

      • Yes, but then I could have gone off on an explanatory tangent on why ‘Eteo-Tocharian’ is not the preferred nomenclature. It serves as an educational plot mechanism.

      • But it’s pretty short for a one-act play. It needs some more pizazz and hooks to keep the audience interested!

      • Well, possibly. But my version has NON-LINGUIST continuing to look mildly alarmed; your version, I suspect, has NON-LINGUIST fleeing for his life and never again returning to the Grad Common Room. In my unofficial role as E Caucus Outreach Officer (namely, someone trying against all the odds to promote social interaction between the E Caucus and, well, everybody else), I’m afraid I’m confining explanations of why ‘Eteo-Tocharian’ is linguistically incorrect to E Caucus pub trips.

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