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More classical graffiti – from The Other Place

The Other Classics Library

Occasionally during the holidays I like to masquerade as a student of The Other Place by working in the Sackler Library.

A trip to the toilets during my most recent visit there provided evidence that members of The Other Classics Faculty have the same urge to create classics-themed graffiti as the inhabitants of G21





A keen archaeology student has clearly decided that the (admittedly rather spartan) toilet-roll holders are in need of some classical decoration. Various hands have added helpful or disparaging comments on her artistic endeavours:

“isn’t it ionic?” “…a little too ionic (yeah, I really do think)” “no, it’s doric!” “IRONIC!”

This witty and intellectually stimulating exchange has clearly had a deep emotional impact on a finalist facing the prospect of leaving the haven of academia for The Real World, causing her to comment sadly: 

“I’m going to miss this!”

I’m sure all readers of this blog will join me in sympathising deeply with her, and suggesting she apply for graduate work as quickly as possible.


2 thoughts on “More classical graffiti – from The Other Place

  1. (not classics related) but I spotted “Phil Coulson lives” on the loo roll dispenser on the sackler ground floor… Avengers love <3

    • Clearly the inhabitants of the Sackler’s ground floor are much less classically-minded than those of the upper storeys…though possibly no less geeky!

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