Advert (or: Why choose Classics?)

The university has been putting out some youtube videos to help prospective applicants decide which undergraduate course to choose. And there’s a Classics one. In the grad common room we’ve been pretty divided over the jangly guitar, and the blackboard writing has proved itself to be a bit like Marmite, but we wholly endorse the message: come and do Classics here, it’s awesome! Look, there’s our Cast Gallery!  The library!  Richard Hunter, with a SHIP! (This is how people who have their homes featured on the TV must feel.)

If there are any readers out there considering whether to apply in September then do get in touch if you have any questions. Having stayed on for postgraduate study we’re obviously we’re a bit biased but we’d love to help. And check out the are the details of the open days from the faculty website.


4 thoughts on “Advert (or: Why choose Classics?)

  1. Oooh, good post! I actually like a the video a lot more now that I’m watching it for the second time at home – I have a feeling watching it in the common room meant that I wasn’t picking up a lot of information and mostly got an impression of the graphics. Still not quite sure about the music, though. and I don’t understand what blackboards have to do with university study…

    Carrie is really right about the home-space of the faculty (and I did not just instinctively write homer-space, nope); I didn’t notice it much as an undergrad living so close by, but now I’m there for a good length of time every day it is really nice to be able to come somewhere and feel like you’ve entered Classics Land. Especially since our library is so nice to work in.

    Surely it’s not just any SHIP but a TRIREME?

      • I would accept BOAT as a substitute. Though I was always taught to be very careful with ‘boat’ as a translation of nauis and ναῦς, becuase it lacks a certain gravitas…

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