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The grad’s best friend


Its badass, thrash guitar-playing, Milton-reading  image is somewhat ruined when you realise it’s called RELENTLESS: ‘FREEDMAN’. Probably not what the manufacturers were going for…


5 thoughts on “The grad’s best friend

  1. “Libertus” could actually be correct — if the manufacturers are intending to imply that the drink, and so by extension its consumer, has been set free from the tyranny that is sugar?

    • That was more or less my initial reaction, but somehow I’m still leaning towards the interpretation that they probably looked up ‘free’ in a second-rate Latin-English/English-Latin paperback dictionary and then chose the most trendy-sounding synonym.

      Cramming a second unlikely thought into this comment, maybe there’s also wordplay on the name of the god Liber.

      • I don’t think there was even a dictionary involved, I reckon the brainstorm went something like: ‘So we want to give this can a freedom theme, because it’s the sugar free drink.’ ‘Liberty – basically the same as freedom, right? But it’s not really Latin and aggressive enough.’ ‘Lib… liber… library… libertine…. liberton… LIBERTUS.’ ‘Yeah, that sounds pretty damn Latin, put it on!’

        Of course, I’m basing this purely on how they do this stuff on The Apprentice…

  2. Having just watched the girls on The Apprentice last night attempt to sell Amazon a million small bits of plastic with some waterproof crayons attached, I’d be fairly surprised if any of them actually knew the words ‘library’ and ‘libertine’, let alone if they actually knew enough Latin even to come up with Libertus…by comparison, the Relentless manufacturers are doing pretty well!

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