The classical web

Some (other) awesome Classics-related blogs:

The Ancient World Online – Keep up to date!

Blogging Pompeii – A collective blog for all those working on Pompeii and the other sites around the Bay of Naples.

Bread and Circuses – Adrian Murdoch on the later Roman Empire (among other exciting things).

Didaskelion – Erlend MacGillivray works on early Christianity and ancient philosophy.

A Don’s Life – Our very own Mary Beard.

The Edithorial – Edith Hall’s weekly blog.

The Homer Multitext  – Blog of the Homer Multitext project at Harvard, putting the manuscripts of Homer into a historical tradition.

Kenodoxia – Our very own James Warren.

Pop Classics – Juliette Harrisson talks about classics in popular culture.

Rogueclassicism – The Rogue Classicist posts classics news and interesting nuggets from around the world.

I’ve probably missed out a hundred but you can rectify that in the comments.

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