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Why blog? (GIS talk 18/11/2011)

Classicists! Welcome to the site – make yourselves at home. We hope that this can become a useful resource for the grad community. If you need more convincing, here is a version of our pitch to the GIS from last Friday.

Why blog?

We’ve got a great forum in the form of the GIS, but we could be doing more to foster inter-caucus communication! Res gerendae offers an (even more!) informal way to keep people up to date with your work, and to get feedback and ideas from seeing what other people are working on.

Classics is a massively diverse subject, and RG has a real potential to showcase this to a wider readership and broaden public understanding of what graduate research is and the exciting stuff going on in our Faculty. Hopefully we can get a real conversation going not just within our Faculty, but with fellow Classics graduate students across the world, and all interested readers outside the field. As far as we’re aware, RG is the first blog of its type.

And if you need more persuasion, let’s just say that scientists have been doing this for a while very successfully – there’s no reason why the humanities can’t be just as cutting-edge!


Comments are just as important as posts, because then ideas can develop. We hope that this can become a site of readers and commenters just as much as writers. It’s not about presenting fully developed papers or finished work, but about creating a space for communication and idea bouncing.

Hence the name: res gerendae – not the res gestae, but ideas and the beginnings of projects that might be followed up, or are offered to everyone to explore themselves.

Get involved!

As far as content is concerned, pretty much anything goes, anything that’s relevant to your thoughts and work as a classics grad. A very few examples: bite-sized paper-style ideas about what you’re working on/actual academic reflection; the edited highlights of your GIS paper; conference reports; summaries of Classics conversations you’d like more opinions on; reviews of new Classics documentaries or the latest production of a Greek play… 500 words as a guide, enough to get people enthused!

Convinced? You can ask us for an invitation by emailing from your Hermes account: 



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